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Oil Heat—Difference Between a Boiler vs. Furnace

If you’re in Southeastern Pennsylvania like us, then you deal with the damp and heavy winters too. Heating your home is crucial here but also has an immense impact on your annual bills. This makes deciding on the type of heat you want in your home even more important. Those who have recently moved might not even know what type of heating system their home is equipped with. If you’re using oil heat, do you have a boiler or furnace? What is the difference between a boiler and a furnace? Which one is best for your home? Find out now.

Bucks County, PA Heating Repair Services | How to Tell if You Have a Boiler or a Furnace

If you’re not sure which one your home has, it’s pretty easy to figure out. If your home has radiators or baseboard heat, you have a boiler. If you have floor vents, you have a furnace. If you have a boiler, you’re heating your home with hot water, compared to a furnace that heats with hot air. A furnace works by forcing air through ductwork to distribute heat. A boiler pipes heated water throughout your home to heat it.

How do Boilers Use Heating Oil?

So if a boiler heats your home with hot water, where does heating oil come into play? Boilers need a form of energy to run on. This typically comes in the form of heating oil, natural gas, electricity, or even wood. Boilers are great for providing quiet heat and not drying out the air. The downside to boilers is that there is a constant risk of water damage throughout your home, in the event of a leak.

What Type of Heat Should Your Home Use?

The size of your home, cost of oil near you, energy efficiency, and the climate you live in all have an impact on the best heating type for your home. Boilers require moderately less maintenance than furnaces. With both a boiler and a furnace, you’ll need an annual tune-up to keep your system running smooth. With a furnace, you’ll additionally need to change air filters monthly or quarterly. Additionally, furnaces operating by forced air create a drier environment and a further spread of dust and dander. So while a boiler might run the risk of water damage or freezing in a power outage, it will provide more comfortable air. The pros and cons ultimately even out, so it’s primarily about where you live and your family’s preferences.

Heater Repairs in Bucks County, PA

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