Off-Road Diesel Deliveries in Pennsylvania

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Bucks County Fuel offers the best customer service & prices on off-road diesel in Southeastern PA. So many businesses are reliant on off-road diesel in order to complete their jobs. Does your tractor or construction equipment need a refill? Don’t let your tank run empty–Contact us today for quick deliveries & low prices on diesel.

What is Off-Road Diesel?

There are two types of diesel—on-road and off-road. The difference between the two actually has nothing to do with their chemical makeup, but rather how they are taxed. On-road diesel is what you see dispensed at gas stations, off-road is meant for machinery not driven on the road. Since it is not used for travel on regular roadways, off-road diesel is not taxed and is therefore much cheaper. Off-road diesel is dyed red so being able to tell the difference is made easy for law enforcement. So while the price tag might seem tempting, you should never put dyed diesel in an on-road vehicle. Putting off-road diesel in an on-road vehicle can result in some hefty fines for the violator.


Off-Road Diesel Delivery in PA

Whether you are looking for diesel delivery for commercial or recreational use, Bucks County Fuel can give you the support you need. We offer fast deliveries, the best prices, and even better customer service to businesses in PA. We provide off-road diesel to those in farming, agriculture, construction, and more.

Off-road diesel is used for:

  • Construction equipment
  • Tractors, landscaping equipment, etc.
  • Other machinery that does not operate on the road system

Why Bucks County Fuel?

Bucks County Fuel is the best diesel delivery company in PA. Why? We pride ourselves on keeping your budget as our #1 priority. That means if there is a way to save you money, we’re going to do it. Bucks County Fuel is a family-owned company. We conduct business in the way we would want our family to be treated. That means on-time, no surprises, and at the most affordable price we can offer. We provide reliable diesel deliveries to our customers in Pennsylvania. Give our friendly team a call to place your order today!


See what our customers say:

“I can’t say enough about this company. They are awesome. From the CSR’s, drivers, techs and owners; you are treated like you are one of the family. You are not a number and when they say they are going to be there, they are. Everyone is friendly and passionate about what they do. Truly a wonderful company, you will not be disappointed.” – Barbara D.

“Bucks County Fuel never disappoints. They are always there to help for everyday appointments and emergencies. My family has been their customers for a very long time and have referred all my friends/neighbors. I highly recommend Bucks County Fuel.” – Mark G.

“Excellent company, some of the lowest prices, quick delivery!” – Susan C.