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How to Maintain Your Outside Oil Tank

Oil heat is one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of residential heat available. With good equipment and proper oil tank maintenance in Bucks County, your heating oil investments can last you upwards of 25 years. If your home is equipped with oil heat, there’s a good chance your fuel tank is located outside. What can homeowners do to maintain an outdoor oil tank? How can you extend the lifespan of your fuel tank? Find out now.

Oil Tank Maintenance in Bucks County | How to Maintain Your Outside Oil Tank

Caring For Your Oil Tank When It’s Not in Use

Buck County oil tank maintenance doesn’t take much in the summer, but these little steps can go a long way in saving you thousands of dollars. Experts recommend that you keep your fuel tank halfway full during the off-season. Why? Here in Pennsylvania, we experience high levels of humidity in the summer. This heat and humidity creates condensation within your fuel tank. That condensation left to its own devices can lead to corrosion within the tank. So keeping it halfway full with oil prevents the moisture from setting up camp.

Maintaining Your Oil Tank Exterior

Oil tank maintenance in Bucks County also includes keeping an eye on the exterior. Check the tank periodically for dents, leaks, or other signs of damage. Signs of rust on the exterior indicate your tank is beginning to corrode. Make sure the legs of the tank remain in good condition. Not sure what to look for? Hire a professional to complete a routine examination of your tank and other heating oil equipment.

Keep Your Tank Readily Usable

It’s always in good practice to keep your fill pipe readily available as well. To do so, keep the area clear of weeds, overgrown grass, and the like. You want your heating oil company to be able to access it at any given moment for prompt oil deliveries. Ensure that all openings (including the fill pipe) are tightly capped in the meantime, to avoid water getting into the tank.

How Often Should I Have a Fuel Tank Inspection?

Using heating oil to keep your home comfortable is simple, effective, and easy for homeowners to maintain themselves. But it’s beneficial to bring in a trained eye to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs down the line. It’s recommended to have your fuel tank inspected by a professional around every 2 years. They’ll complete a full inspection of the tank, fuel lines, vent pipe, and more. They understand exactly what signs of corrosion to look for and what’s a sign for concern. Getting on a regular inspection schedule keeps you away from major maintenance costs, as well as keeping your household safe.

Heating Oil Tank Inspections & Maintenance in PA

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