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How Safe is Oil Heat?

If you’re tired of your jaw-dropping when you open your electricity bill during the winter, there’s a good chance you’re considering switching to oil heat. Oil is a time-tested, cost-effective, and reliable option for families to heat their homes. But the misconceptions about oil heat that have hung around since the ‘70s have turned many away from using oil heat in their home. Why? They’re under the impression that it is bad for the environment, too expensive, and poses a safety hazard to their families. Is this true? How safe is oil heat? Is heating oil bad for the environment? Find out now.

Oil Heat is Not an Unnecessary Fire Hazard

If what you’re worried about is creating fire hazards in your home, what you’ll want to stay away from is natural gas or gasoline. These substances are highly flammable at room temperature. Whereas with oil, it first needs to be 140° and vaporized before it can be burned. If you chose to drop a lit match into a pool of heating oil, it would extinguish it as if you dropped it in water. Unlike natural gas, which is highly dangerous at any stored temperature. On top of this, Bucks County Fuel only installs and recommends high-end, heavy-duty equipment and furnaces for added precaution.

If an HVAC emergency did befall your household, you’d know well in advance. Heating your home with oil comes with very distinct signs of danger before the situation is too dangerous. You’ll see unavoidable signs of soot, odors, fumes, and smoke before your home would reach a dangerous level of carbon monoxide. As with anything in your home, address the symptoms. If something is malfunctioning with your HVAC system, don’t ignore it or turn a blind eye to an “off” smell in your home. Call a professional to offer some insights.

Heating Oil is Not Bad for the Environment

In the 1970s, this was not a misconception. However, like most other technologies, the heating oil process has vastly advanced in the past 50 years. Today, heating oil actually burns 95% clearer than it did back then. So much advancement has been made that the federal clean air act doesn’t even bother to regulate heating oil emissions. So if you’re considering heating your home with oil, you can rest easy knowing you’re making an environmentally responsible choice.

Oil Heat in Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a reliable heating oil supplier in Pennsylvania? Bucks County Fuel is here to support you. Not only do we offer the best grade #2 heating oil, but we’re also there to install and repair your HVAC system. We’ve spent over 10 years keeping Pennsylvania families warm and comfortable, and we’re ready to take care of your home too. With Bucks County Fuel, you have an oil provider you can count on year-round. Just getting started with oil heat? Use our handy tank chart to easily determine how much oil you need to order. Contact Bucks County Fuel today for superior customer service.