Heating Oil Conversion Chart

Fuel Tank Chart

Fuel Chart

Fuel Heating Oil Tank
Conversion Chart

Fuel oil tank chart – use to convert gallon amount from the inches of oil left on your stick after you dip your measuring dip-stick. Using this chart correctly will give you the approximate gallons in your heating oil tank. Before you begin, please make sure you have the correct size of your oil tank.

Learn How to read the Fuel oil tank chart

Fuel Oil Tank Measuring Instructions;

Things you will need:

  • Fuel oil tank measuring stick
  • Fuel oil tank size

First, go to the Size width/ diameter Length at top of the chart and find which tank size is yours. Now that you found your tank size, you will only refer to this down column when measuring your oil tank. Only two down columns matter, the first column (which shows you inches) and your heating tank size (Length X Width Down Column). So if you have a 275 horizontal and your measuring stick shows 27 inches you have approximately 275 gallons. If the measuring stick shows 2″ inches it may be time to buy heating oil…

How much fuel should I order if I want to fill my tank?

Select your tank size and fuel level:

Tank Size:
My tank gauge shows it is full.
This means I have approximately 0 gallons of fuel in my tank.
Amount needed to fill tank: 0 gallons.

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