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Heating an Old House With Oil

If you’ve purchased an old home, you’ve already been warned about the heating bills. Heating older houses is expensive. They were not built with the insulation or windows we have now, and that certainly has an impact on heating the place. But there are ways to conserve heat & lower your bills without a complete renovation. How so?

Oil heat is one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of residential heat available. With good equipment and proper maintenance, your heating oil investments can last you upwards of 25 years. If you’re buying an old house in Pennsylvania, there’s a good chance your house is already equipped with oil heat. This article explores how using oil heat combined with proper maintenance can keep your bills within reason.

Find Where Air is Escaping

Those of you who have lived in an old house know what it’s like to feel the wind in your living room. If you live in an old home and your HVAC bills are too high, it’s likely heat is escaping. This can happen through windows, doors, and walls.

Seal off windows. If not much work has been done to your property, it’s likely that the home is still equipped with single-pane windows. Today, homes are built with windows that have two layers of glass and an air gap in between. This air gap acts as a layer of insulation and works wonders for keeping warm or cool air inside. If you’re not looking to replace the windows entirely any time soon, a good fix is sealing them with plastic window film. The film not only blocks out the cold air but reflects and traps the heat coming inside from the sunlight.

Adding Insulation. If you are up for a little more hands-on work, another area you’re likely losing heat is through the walls. Charming though these homes may be, older houses do not have the same kind of insulation in the walls that homes have today. There are numerous types of insulation, but definitely some cost-effective options available. With a small investment and some DIY work, you can save yourself some long-term HVAC expenses.

Prevent door drafts. If you’re dealing with some draftiness in your house, it’s likely a lot of that is coming from underneath your doors. This is an easy one to fix. Pick up a few draft guards designed to slide directly under your door. They’re inexpensive, won’t hinder entering or exiting your home, and are great contributors towards saving energy.

Maintain Your HVAC System

The best thing you can do to keep HVAC costs down is to avoid major repairs. How can you do this? You should have your HVAC system tuned up annually, or at least every other year to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. Cleaning out the system will ensure that as much heat as possible is created for every gallon of heating oil used, and that your filters are clean so air can flow freely through your house if you have forced hot air. A tune-up also acts as preventative maintenance so you will be less likely to have a breakdown in the middle of winter.

Find the Best Local Oil Provider

Choosing an oil company can seem both unclear and straightforward. Many of them seem to make the same claims and ultimately complete the same task. The fact of the matter is: they’re nowhere near the same. Research is the name of the game when choosing an oil company. Read online reviews to tell you what other consumers like you think about the company, and what their experiences have been. Look for a company that’s clear about what fees they charge (if any) and what your grand total would look like. Hidden items like delivery fees, service fees, credit card fees, and more can easily create a warped picture of what your bill will be. You’re looking for a company with the best prices on heating oil and great customer service, in the event of an issue arising.

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