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5 Benefits Of An Air Conditioner Tune-Up In PA

5 Benefits Of An Air Conditioner Tune-Up In PA

Finally, summer comes and you’re about to enjoy some ice cream while watching your favorite Netflix series on your couch. The air is cool, thanks to your air conditioning unit. Suddenly, your air conditioner stops running and a few minutes later beads of sweat start forming on your forehead. Imagine the hassle of an air conditioning unit breaking down when you needed it the most. This is why maintenance and regular checks up for air conditioners are important. Below are some of the benefits of an air conditioning tune-up by professional HVAC technicians.

1. Keeps you comfortable and saves you time and money 

Investing in a good air conditioning unit already requires you to spend money but making sure that you have it checked at least once or twice a year saves you from expensive and unnecessary repairs in the long run. Avoiding emergency repairs also spares you from spending time calling technicians or driving around service centers. Lastly, a well-maintained unit will do its job and make sure that you are kept cool and comfortable during peak hot seasons. It saves you from the mental stress of thinking about the money or the time you have spent knowing that the repair could have been avoided if only a tune-up was scheduled.

2. Increases your air conditioning performance 

A check-up and tune-up make sure that all working parts are running well. Over time, dust and other particles could have accumulated in the vent and the filter which affects the performance of your air conditioner. Having someone clean it up and check the parts makes sure that it efficiently does its job.

3. Extends your air conditioning life expectancy 

Preventing unit breakdown extends the working life of your unit. A standard air conditioning system will perform for up to 10 to 20 years. Some more advanced units can last up to 20 years even. But for your unit to reach this year of service, you have to make sure that it is tuned up regularly.

Several things could happen if you fail to schedule a regular tune-up for your air conditioning system. First, the dirty filter if left unchecked will affect the quality of air around the room. Loose wires and other electrical components could cause short circuits. Worn-out parts will make your unit work twice as hard as it should be. The air vents if not checked out properly could overheat. These factors could make your air conditioning unit break down often if a regular tune-up is not done. Proper maintenance allows the unit to perform better and last longer.

4. Better energy efficient 

You are likely to pay for higher electric bills if you don’t get your air conditioning checked. A unit that breaks down most of the time could cause you higher bills to pay. Having a well-maintained one, you are assured that you don’t have dirty filters distributing air with contaminants in your space and working double-time to perform until it eventually breaks down.

5. Improves air quality 

Having a professional technician to replace or clean your dirty filter will improve the air quality of your room. Having a clean filter, the system will not require so much power to operate and thus saving you a lot from paying expensive electrical bills. Also, keep in mind that we are spending most of our time inside our homes these days. Given the circumstances brought about by COVID, the majority of us are restricted in our houses so to make sure that we are still breathing clean air, take time to schedule for an air conditioning tune-up. 

Depending on the HVAC service provider, an air conditioner tune up could include things like checking of all the components and keeping them well-oiled, replacement of belts, checking and sealing of leaks, cleaning of condenser coils, electrical inspection, replacement of air filter, and thermostat check-up. Make sure to book your schedule before the peak season kicks in. You might encounter difficulty securing a slot once the summer months are here due to the high demand for the service. Make sure to get some help from professionals. Check out the customer feedback, their history record of service, and their reputation in the community and the industry.

Also, keep your warranty card with you when you purchase a new unit. This will come in handy should there be a need for component replacement. This could save you from spending more dollars on unforeseen repairs.  

You might be considering the expenses of having to pay for part replacement or electrical component recalibration. But remember that spending for a professional tune-up might be saving you from spending a lot in the future if you are to purchase a new air conditioning unit. The earlier you can resolve the issues of your unit, the lesser you will have to pay for emergency repairs. Another dollar saving tip is to keep an eye on early bird deals. There are companies that provide incentives for those who avail their service earlier than the rest. 

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