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AC Condenser Repair Guide

AC Condenser Repair in Bucks County: Helpful Guide

AC Condenser Repair in Bucks County

What is an air conditioning condenser? 

An AC condenser is usually the outdoor part of an air conditioning unit. It is made up of a condenser coil, a fan, a compressor, an evaporator and several other components Each part plays a vital role within the AC unit. The condenser coil allows the heat to be transferred rapidly. Contrary to the popular idea that air conditioning is about cooling. An AC is actually about how heat is transferred within the unit. The cool air blown by the AC is the result of how heat is transferred. The condenser fan is in charge of circulating air in the coil. The compressor takes care of compressing refrigerants that pass through the coil forming hot gas. For the air conditioning unit, the refrigerant is turned into a warm liquid at the condenser. We are proud to offer the best AC condenser repair services near you and throughout the Bucks County, PA area! 


Bucks County Air conditioner replacement cost 

The cost for replacing an air condenser varies depending on the issue of the unit. It can range between $200 to more than a thousand. If you are to replace the entire coil, the replacement cost could be between $1000-$3000. Consider coils are costly and some coil models are difficult to find. The labor cost would depend on the agency, it ranges from $50-100 per hour. There are some who charge up to $150 per hour. According to Home Advisor, below is a quick guide on how much a coil replacement would cost depending on the size. 

Bucks County Air conditioner replacement

If you are to replace the condenser motor, be prepared to spend at least $300-$700. This part is another expensive and complex part to replace and install. Apart from the unit itself, you will have to pay for the labor cost and in some cases another cost for run capacitor replacement. 

If you need to replace the AC evaporator coil, you will have to spend at least $2000 or more. The price would depend on the brand. AC evaporator functions the opposite of a compressor. The evaporator is in charge of heat absorption from inside the house allowing liquid to evaporate into a gas. When it comes to compressor replacement, it could go up to $3000. The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning unit. Some of the top brands for AC condenser units are Goodman, Trane, and Carrier. The price range for this unit is between $500-$3000. 

Replacement and repair both require you to spend dollars to fix the unit. Repairing the unit could save you some money rather than having to replace the entire part. Repairing an AC condenser could range between $100-$600, depending on what needs to be fixed. This still could go up when repairs are very complex. 


Common Issues with an AC Condenser

There are several problems that could lead to repairs the need for an AC condenser replacement in Bucks County, PA. This involves the following: parts that are left uncleaned for years, leaks, blockages, burnt electrical components, distorted coil, and damaged motor. These problems could lead to uneven distribution of cooling, cooling not enough for the room, or the unit not cool at all. 

HVAC technicians should regularly check and maintain your AC unit at least once a year. This will make sure that all the components are cleaned up, preventing dirt from accumulating. Regular maintenance of the unit ensures that air flows properly and nothing is blocking the ports. You could either do the cleaning yourself or seek a professional to help out. This would cost you as much as $200 for the cleaning. When it comes to leaking coils, this could either be due to years of service and the normal wear and tear of the component. You will have to replace this unit. As for the blockages, unchecked units are left with debris blocking the system. There are several other issues that you may run into, this is why a maintenance and yearly check is critical to avoid spending so much on replacement and repairs of your AC system.

Fixing the AC condenser all by yourself requires you to have the knowledge when it comes to repairing the unit. You should know how each part functions and where it is located in the system. You also need to have the right set of tools such as pliers, drills, wrench, screwdrivers, and voltage testers right model or brands to replace the unit. Otherwise, it is advisable to get the assistance of a licensed Bucks County HVAC professional to do the job. For do-it-yourself troubleshooting of your AC unit, follow these quick steps to provide you with some guidance. 

First, before working on doing any repair. Make sure that the power connecting your AC system is turned off. Then take time to familiarize yourself with how the AC unit works. Be familiar with the components which make up the system. Third, clean the condenser coil using a hose to water down any debris and particles which have been accumulating in the unit. Then, check the cartridge fuses if they are not blown otherwise you would need to replace them. You also have to inspect the access panel making sure that the wires are connected. Check the capacitor if it needs some replacement as well as the AC contractor then you can finally test your repairs. 

If you are not confident in doing the repair and replacement by yourself, give us a call and we will have our expert HVAC technician assist you with your Bucks County AC condenser repair right away!

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