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6 Reasons Your Air Conditioner (AC ) is not Blowing Cold Air

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, the hot and humid summer air arrives with little to no notice. Don’t get caught off guard next summer. We’ve pulled together the top 6 reasons your AC unit isn’t performing its best, so you can address the problem proactively. Here are some of the most common AC problems our technicians encounter out in the field.

Why Isn’t My AC Blowing Cold Air?

  1. Refrigerant leak. Refrigerant lines can develop leaks, making it hard for your house to cool down. The refrigerant is the chemical that fuels the entire AC process. So your AC not blowing cold air could mean it needs refrigerant added, or a leak diagnosed and repaired.
  2. Frozen evaporator coil. Evaporator Coils are in a constantly moist environment, so they’re prone to some corresponding issues. Dirty coils, low refrigerant levels, and airflow problems can all cause your coils to freeze. Issues with the coils can create major issues with your air conditioning. Avoid this problem by scheduling a yearly tune-up and keeping your filters clean.
  3. Blocked condensate drain line. Particles like dust, dirt, and hair can all get trapped in your AC unit. Over time, this can create build-up in the condensate drain line and end up clogging it. This will allow water to leak around your system and give off a musty smell in your home. Changing your filter and regularly cleaning it can help alleviate this problem.
  4. Electrical and power issues. Electrical issues such as a bad capacitor, loose wires, and more can leave your AC not operating properly. Such electrical problems can create fire hazards and should be addressed by a licensed HVAC professional.
  5. Condenser fan problems. There are many reasons why your condenser fan might stop working properly. You can help prevent fan problems by removing dirt, leaves, dust, and other debris from your outdoor unit and keeping the area within a few feet of it clear of any plants or shrubbery.
  6. Dirty filter. So often AC problems are related to a clogged or dirty filter. They are in a constant state of catching dirt, lint, hair, pollen, and dust. So changing your filter at least once a month is essential. By hiring a professional HVAC technician, they’ll be able to tell you exactly what kind of filter you need, where that filter is located, and how it can be maintained.

Expert AC Help

Is your air conditioner not operating properly, but you’re not sure how to fix it? With over 10 years of experience, we’ve found that sometimes the most cost-effective way to fix your air conditioner is to replace it with a new AC unit. Contact an AC repair company you can trust. When you call Bucks County Fuel, we’ll send out one of our highly trained air conditioning technicians to your home or business to perform the necessary repairs. Your comfort and safety are our top priority. If we can identify a way for our customers to save money, we will!