You are currently viewing HVAC Technician: Is This the Right Job For You? 

HVAC Technician: Is This the Right Job For You? 

HVAC Technician: Is This the Right Job For You? 


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Ever had a broken air conditioning system or a dirty ventilation unit? How about a broken refrigerator? Good thing we have HVAC Technicians who save the day for us! HVAC technicians are important people. They help keep us feeling healthy and comfortable. 


What is HVAC? 


The abbreviation HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC, HVACR, or HVAC/R Technicians are primarily experts in testing, installing, fixing, and managing the heating system or ventilation and air conditioning system units. These units could either be in residential or commercial buildings. 


What are the responsibilities of an HVAC Technician? 


Being a HVAC technician holds some heavy responsibilities. Some of them include the following: 


  • Understanding the specific requirement of a HVAC unit
  • Reading a blueprint for proper HVAC unit installation 
  • Installing the HVAC unit within the building structure 
  • Checking HVAC components 
  • Fixing HVAC unit electrical problems
  • Inspecting clogged ducts
  • Building HVAC components and doing some test run 
  • Using a different set of tools for HVAC unit repair
  • Checking and fixing leaks from tubes
  • Fixing and welding pipes 
  • Deliver the warranty services for the purchased HVAC unit
  • Communicate with customers to understand the job requirement and issues to fix


What are the qualifications of a HVAC Technician? 


If you aim to be a professional HVAC Technician, this comes with educational qualifications. But, it is still possible to be a technician without a proper education. Be mindful though, that this limits your job opportunity. Getting proper education, which could be around two to three years, will equip you with the learnings essential to carry on the job role. With a degree related to HVAC, you have an edge in getting the right knowledge and the opportunity for practical training. If you have already decided on becoming a HVAC technician in the future, you can start with a high school diploma and then earn a HVAC certification. 


Earning a HVAC degree could open the doors for the right employment opportunity you’ve been dreaming of. You are required to become an apprentice for months to years where you’ll be able to learn the job skills. This is also a great way to expand your network within the industry. While you are still in training, you are already able to meet people who could be your employer in the future or people who will introduce you to your next gig. 


Depending on where you live in the US, HVAC licenses are not mandatory across all the states. Although, becoming a licensed HVAC technician means you have more leverage in the competition. 


In terms of skills, apart from those mentioned above, having great communication skills both written and verbal could also be an advantage. This ties with having excellent interpersonal skills that will help you earn the trust of your clients and build on a bigger network of customers. You also have to be flexible and can work with a sudden change in plans. There are instances wherein you could be called for work during your rest days or evenings. For emergency cases, you could be working during the wee hours of the night or under harsh weather conditions. Working in small spaces could also be a skill. Being an HVAC technician requires you to squeeze yourself into confined rooms. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a HVAC Technician?




The monetary compensation for HVAC technicians is more than $20 per hour and about $49,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This could go higher depending on the level of experience you have. For a starter, the per hour rate could be relatively smaller but as you earn more experience and build your credibility in the industry, it won’t take long to earn such huge compensation. Some are earning more than $35 per hour.  


Another upside for the job is the long-term perspective of employment. Job security is strong and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry is set to grow by 15% until 2026. This is considering that in almost all parts of the world, we need some professional fixing the ventilation, heating or refrigeration unit. If you are the person who is always up for the challenge, then you’ll find it as an advantage. Not a single day is the same. You will encounter problems that need some troubleshooting in a different setting. Having to identify the problem, fix the issue, and deliver excellent customer service provides you that sense of pride and fulfillment at the end of the day. You can choose whether to take a weekend job or a holiday gig. 




During peak season your employer might ask you to work longer hours. Some companies may also have weekend shifts which means you’ll be having a rest day on a weekday instead. Another downside is your exposure to danger and chemicals which could be harmful to your health. The working conditions for an HVAC could be challenging sometimes. You are required to go into tight spaces or rooms which are either super hot or super cold. There may be occasions where you are to climb high buildings. The work area for an HVAC technician could either be indoor or outdoor but both could expose you to some danger such as the risk of electrocution and falling. 



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