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3 Simple Ways to Lower Your Heating Bills This Winter

According to a study conducted by EnergyStar, almost 30% of your annual energy bills go to heating your home. It’s no wonder why most households are constantly searching for new ways to reduce their energy bills. But lowering your heating bills does not have to include a huge initial investment, it can be as simple as creating a few small habits. We’ve put together 3 ways you can lower your heating costs, and all you need is a thermostat.

Stop Trying to Heat Your Home “Faster”

This is a common one. You just stepped in the door from an especially crisp January night, your house is not as warm as you would’ve liked, so you set the thermostat higher than room temperature. But the fact of the matter is setting your thermostat to 78° does not get it to 72° any quicker. By setting your thermostat warmer than you intend the room to be, all you’re doing is making it run longer, not quicker. If your heating system is taking longer than usual to warm your home, you may need a maintenance check-up or minor repair

Turn The Thermostat Down When You’re Not Home

During the day, most families are busy with either school, work, or errands, leaving an empty house. Take this opportunity to turn down the thermostat before you leave the house. The first person home can turn it back up a few degrees so it’s comfortable for the evening. If your family is out of the house for around 8-hours per day, this reduces your daily heating needs by around 30%. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it on a schedule to turn down at 8 AM and back up 30 minutes before you’ll arrive home, so it’s comfortable by the time you get there. It’s these small adjustments that will save you big in the long run.

Heating Your Home in Other Ways

Saving on heating costs can happen in more direct ways as well. In the cold months, make a point of cooking more dinners in the oven rather than on the stove. Ovens give off plenty of extra heat and may reduce the amount of effort your heating system has to put in for that evening. Try adjusting to lowering your thermostat by 1° or 2° on the regular. If you normally keep it set to 70° in the winter, try setting it to 69°. Encourage your family to throw on a sweater and a pair of cozy socks, and see if you can adjust to keeping your home at a lower temperature from now on. Little tricks like opening the blinds during the day when the sun is shining in can also do lots to contribute to the warmth of your home.

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