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Is a Mini-Split AC System Worth it?

Americans spend over $22 billion on air conditioning each year. Each and every one of us is on a constant hunt to bring that number down. Why? HVAC is a large portion of most homeowners’ monthly costs. These costs are often unpredictable, given the unpredictable weather we experience. If you’re in Pennsylvania like us, you know the heavy, humid summers and bitter winters we’re hit with year after year. PA is no place to leave yourself without a reliable HVAC system. In recent years, more and more families are converting their homes to ductless mini-splits to save money. What are mini-splits? How do they work? And are they really worth making the switch? Find out now.

What is a Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

A ductless mini-split works by heating or cooling your home through several units throughout the residence, rather than one central unit. Each unit is able to heat a few rooms, but together they actually operate at a much higher efficiency than one central unit. Rather than pulling air from outside like a window AC unit, they heat or cool the air from inside the building. 

Mini-splits are able to operate very similarly to a central AC system, but minus the ducts. Each unit draws the warm air out of the home, cools it, absorbs the moisture in the air, and sends it back into the room. A traditional central AC unit does the same thing, but at one location in the home. It then distributes it through ductwork to the rest of your home. Mini-splits allow each unit to pay attention to a particular room or set of rooms.

What are the Benefits of a Mini-Split AC System?

Not only do they save energy and thereby monthly costs, but they allow the homeowner to fine-tune temperature control throughout their home. If you want your living room at 69º while one family member is watching a movie, and your home gym at 60º while another is exercising, you can do that. Additionally, if a few rooms in your home regularly go unused, you can keep them closer to the outdoor temperature to reduce energy costs.

By having a ductless system, you no longer have ductwork to maintain. Ductwork is easy to form leaks in and it’s not always easy to locate those leaks. Mini-splits offer you the convenience of central air, but without the ductwork to maintain. On top of that, ductless AC systems are quiet. Customers are often shocked at the lack of noise when they make the switch.

Is a Mini Split Right for My Home?

Why wouldn’t someone want a mini-split? Primarily for aesthetic reasons. The benefit of ductwork is that it’s out of sight. Not everyone wants a large AC unit permanently residing at the top of their walls. But for those who might’ve been using window units to cool their home, a mini-split is a no-brainer. Its maximum efficiency, high level of control, and cost-cutting capabilities are almost too good to be true.

Mini Split Installation in Pennsylvania

Aesthetics aside, the main reason only 5% of US households are currently using mini splits is not because of the consumers, but rather the contractors. It’s much easier for an HVAC professional to replace a traditional ducted unit with another ducted unit. But is that what’s truly best for your home? Likely not.
At Bucks County Fuel, our focus is never on taking the easiest route. It’s about producing the highest quality work. If that means extensively training our crew on a type of HVAC system they’re not used to installing, then that’s what we do. We’re offering expert mini-split system installations to our customers in Pennsylvania now, for your comfort. Contact us to see how you can get started with a quiet, efficient, and cost-effective HVAC system today.