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How to Choose a Heating Oil Company?

Choosing a heating oil company in Bucks County, PA can seem both unclear and straightforward. Many of them seem to make the same claims and ultimately complete the same task. Does it matter which heating oil company you choose? How do you know which one will offer the best experience? Any company will likely get it done, but will it be on-time, reliable, friendly service?

Once you find a Bucks County heating oil company you like working with, you’ll very likely stick with them as long as possible. So take some time to choose, as it will be a supplier you’ll have recurring interactions with.

Heating Oil Company in Bucks County | How to Choose One

1. Read reviews to find out what your neighbors say.

In a study done by BrightLocal, it was found that a staggering 87% of consumers read online reviews before dealing with a local business. For good reason. Research is the name of the game when choosing a heating oil company in Bucks County. Online reviews tell you what other consumers like you think about the company, what their experiences have been, and they answer the questions you didn’t think to ask. For example, you might focus on finding the most affordable local oil company. That’s great, but what if the cheapest local oil company has a regular habit of making late deliveries? Do you want to make that sacrifice? Likely not. Reading multiple online reviews gives you a full-spectrum idea of what working with that company is like.

2. Check out their website.

See what the company has to say about themselves. Pay attention to what pros they emphasize about their company. How long have they been in business? What are their prices like? Placing an order for heating oil can be overwhelming if it’s your first time. Are they known for being assistive and informative about how much you’ll likely need? When choosing a Bucks County heating oil company, great customer service is crucial. You want to be in communication with a company that is willing to explain its practices to you and set a clear, reliable delivery schedule.

3. Keep an eye out for deals & specials.

While you don’t want to go with a one-star company just because it’s offering a sign-on bonus, paying attention to deals is key. An oil company that offers a referral program, regular discounts, specials, or deals is a great one to look out for. Ordering at the right time and taking advantage of specials can make a huge difference in your annual HVAC bills

4. Find out exactly what fees they charge.

Like pricing for many things, heating oil pricing can be deceptive. A company might boast about having drastically low prices, but tack on a hefty delivery fee at the end, making it not so reasonable after all. Look for a company that’s clear about what fees they charge (if any) and what your grand total would look like. Hidden items like delivery fees, service fees, credit card fees, and more can easily create a warped picture of what your bill will be.

5. Look into their delivery process.

Many heating oil companies in Bucks County are clear on their websites about what delivery timeframe typically looks like. You can usually find valuable information on their delivery timing from reviews, as well. Make sure to find an oil company that’s known for reliable, timely delivery. The last thing you want is to end up with a supplier that leaves you cold.

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