Current Oil Prices

Current Oil Prices

Current oil prices for home heating oil in Southeastern Pennsylvania;

  Today’s Oil Prices;

  • $2.59 per gallon for 150 – 299 Gal.
  • $2.65 per gallon for 125 – 149 Gal.
  • $2.58 per gallon for 300 – 499 Gal.
  • $2.56 per gallon for 500 – 999 Gal.
  • 1000+ Gal.  (contact office)


Today’s Current Heating Oil Prices

heating oil prices


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 Bucks County, PA; 150-299 is $2.59 a gallon.

 Montgomery County, PA; 150-299 is $2.59 a gallon.

 Northampton County, PA; 150-299 is $2.59 a gallon.

Need help figuring out how much oil to put in your tank? No Problem! Our Oil Tank Conversion Chart will help you calculate the number of gallons of oil you would like to purchase.

Todays’s heating oil prices per gallon

Current home heating oil prices in Cities and towns in PA 

  • Current oil prices per gallon in Bensalem $2.59
  • Levittown $2.59
  • Bristol $2.59
  • Trevose $2.59
  • Doylestown $2.59
  • Langhorne $2.59
  • Feasterville $2.59
  • New Hope $2.59



Updated 2016-2017 historical oil price chart

Historic price chart allows you to compare last years prices with the most current and up to date prices

Month          2016 price vs 2017 price

January $1.49 $1.94
February $1.52       $2.00 
March $1.63       $2.03
April $1.76       $1.99
May $1.84        $1.96 
June $1.88       $1.93
July $1.94        $1.76 
August $1.87 $1.89-$1.93
September $1.74   $2.10-$2.13
October  $1.89-$1.93   $2.04-$2.17
November  $1.71  $2.19-$2.25
December  $1.47  $2.27-$2.40

Here’s how to compare pricing and find the answer to all your oil questions?

Finally, we are ready to take what we have learned to get the best answers to your question’s? 

Follow these steps to find the Avg  home fuel oil prices near you:

  1. Check the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s  Weekly Pennsylvania No. 2 fuel oil Residential Price‘s Page on their website.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the “Weekly Pennsylvania No. 2 fuel oil Residential Price Table (Shown in Dollars per Gallon)”. This table shows you the average price per gal. for home fuel oil for the past twenty-seven years. (The years in the table are in descending order. i.e. 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, etc. )  Each month is divided into four weeks. So, The table gives you the week by week price history, starting Oct.-1991 and ending in your present year, month and week.  
  3. Finally, we can now find the average price for home fuel oil, and this gives us a piece of mind when buying oil.
Here are a few things you should know about these new found facts and statistics.

As a Consumer, the first thing you’ll realize will either be “Wow, I’m getting it so much cheaper” or “Wow, why am I paying so much.” If you’re the second “wow” then most likely you are in a contractual agreement. i.e. a price cap program and maintenance agreement, you may find yourself paying a little bit more per gallon. So usually deciding whether or not you want to be in a contract is up to you. Most no-contract oil companies have a recommended mechanical contractor for their customer’s service and maintenance needs. 

So good luck on your endless quest to find, who has the lowest oil prices near me?

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*”Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration – Weekly Pennsylvania No. 2 fuel oil Residential Price (May 2017).
” U.S. Energy Information Administration – Weekly Pennsylvania No. 2 fuel oil Residential Price Table

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Real-Time Crude Oil Prices – WTI Futures

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