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Can I Install My Own HVAC System?

A new HVAC installation can be a complicated and costly project. Seeing the cost of a brand new HVAC system can tempt a lot of homeowners to attempt installing it themselves. How difficult is it to install an HVAC system? What are the benefits of hiring a professional to install it? And what are the risks of installing it yourself? Find out now.

What Goes Into Installing a New HVAC System?

An HVAC installation does not just include the know-how of installing a new system, but the surveying and inspection of the current system. It takes extensive industry knowledge and experience to carefully remove the current system, ensure the new system is the right fit for the home, and safely connect the new HVAC unit. Depending on the circumstance, a new installation can include installing ductwork, wiring, tubing, and more.

Every HVAC installation is extremely tailored to each home. They can require entirely different steps based on the current system and one that is being installed. Once the new system is installed, it requires an experienced technician to ensure there are no leaks, balance issues, electrical issues, or other hiccoughs along the way.

Why Should I Hire an HVAC Installer?

Installing an HVAC unit means working with either electricity, gas, oil, or propane. Each and every one of these presents its own set of safety hazards and challenges. Installing a new HVAC unit with a lack of experience means leaving yourself susceptible to electrical shock, or potentially exposing your family to a gas leak. These are matters you certainly don’t want to take lightly.

If you’re not an experienced HVAC technician, you don’t know what red flags you’re missing or questions you should be asking. An expert will be able to call out a leaky air duct or efficiency problem before creating additional maintenance costs.

While the intention of DIY projects is to save money and take pride in your work, it’s smart to consider what you’ll need to acquire in order to complete the job. Do you have all of the necessary tools? What tools will you need if the project goes awry? Do you have adequate technology to check for gas leaks? Often a DIY HVAC installation can end in calling an HVAC repairman, despite the homeowner’s best efforts.

HVAC Installer in Pennsylvania

If you’re not up for the task and stress of installing a new HVAC system yourself, how do you go about hiring the right company? When looking for an HVAC company, keep your focus on reliability, transparency, and experience. You want a company that’s not going to tell you one price and then bill you another. To keep your family comfortable, you don’t want an HVAC company that’s unreliable with appointments or can’t squeeze you in. Your primary reason for hiring an HVAC company is for their knowledge and experience. So look for a contractor with a solid track record and excellent customer service. If a problem arises with your HVAC system or bill, you don’t want to be at the mercy of a company that isn’t willing to maintain transparency or keep you educated about your own home.

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