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​​How to Be Ready for a Heating Oil Delivery

So you’ve scheduled your first heating oil delivery. You found the best oil provider in your area, you’re ready for the oncoming cold weather, what happens next? Home oil deliveries are a smooth and simple process, and a good oil company will guide you every step of the way. But there are a few steps you can take to prepare your home and equipment. Here’s what you can do to make your oil delivery quick and seamless.

1. Know Exactly Where Your Tank Is

If you’ve just moved into a new home or you’re not typically the person to order heating oil, this might not be information you’ll know offhand. Your heating oil provider is going to want to know where your tank is and where your fill pipe is. Though connected, they’re not the same thing, so they might not be in the same place. If your tank is located above ground with your fill pipe right next to it, that’s an easy one. But you might have your oil tank in your basement and your fill pipe on either side of your house. It’s a good idea to conduct this investigation before your oil delivery arrives, so you’re prepared to direct the driver as necessary.

2. Ensure Your House is Easy to Identify

One of the biggest delays delivery drivers bump into is simply not being able to find the house. The best thing you can do is make sure your house number is easy to see. If extra directions to your home are necessary, provide these when you place your order.

3. Clear the Way to Your Fuel Pipe

For fast and easy oil deliveries, you want the path to your fuel pipe and tank to be as clear as possible. If you have pets, make sure they’re inside 10-15 minutes before your delivery driver is scheduled to arrive. If you have a gate they’ll need to get to, check that it’s unlocked prior to their arrival. Often fuel pipes are located near shrubs, bushes, and trees. If so, be sure to clear the area around the fuel pipe so the technician can access it easily. They’re going to be pulling a large hose from the truck all the way to the fuel pipe, so you’ll want to ensure the path is clear of trash and debris the entire way there.

4. Take Care of Snow & Ice if Needed

Our #1 concern as a heating oil company is the safety of our drivers and technicians. They’re used to working in the bitter cold due to the nature of our work. But we do as much as we can to help them avoid potential injury. The biggest way we can do that is by encouraging our customers to keep their driveways and pathways clear of snow and ice. Our drivers are out in inclement weather to provide Pennsylvania residents with a warm & comfortable home. The last thing we want them to suffer from is a hard fall. If you have an oil delivery scheduled and there’s snow or ice on the ground, make sure to shovel your driveway & pathways before your delivery arrives. Be sure to clear the area around the fuel pipe so they’re not obligated to climb snowbanks in the process. If the property presents too many hazards, your driver may be obligated to reschedule your delivery.

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