5 Air Conditioning Repair Tips To Keep Your PA Home Cool This Summer

5 Air Conditioning Repair Tips To Keep Your PA Home Cool This Summer

5 Air Conditioning Tips To Keep Your PA Home Cool This Summer

As the hot summer air sets in, most of us are looking for air conditioning repair tips. With the increasingly high temperatures in Pennsylvania, many residents will do everything they can to figure out how to repair their air conditioning units themselves and save money. As most A/C units are complex in nature, it’s best to leave troubleshooting your air conditioner to the professionals at Bucks County Fuel, but we are here to help! So here are 5 air conditioning tips to keep your PA home cool this summer.

Helpful DIY Air Conditioner Repair Tips 

Here are some common issues our customers have when trying to troubleshoot or undergo air conditioning repairs themselves.

1. One Room Stays Hotter Than The Others 

Sometimes, rooms that have a lot of windows will allow for more heat from the sun to warm the room, causing the a/c unit to work harder than normal. It is helpful to close blinds and curtains to decrease the direct sunlight coming in. If possible, you can also plant trees and shrubs outside of this room to provide needed shade on that side of the home.

2. Electric Bill Is Too High 

We’ve found that customers with high energy bills in the Summer often how they can fix their air conditioner in order to save money. Many times, this is not the case. The A/C unit may not be the problem. Check to see if air is leaking out of gaps around doors and windows, which can cause your air conditioner to constantly work to reach your desired temperature. Another tip that we’ve found useful to our customers is to check to see if there is enough insulation in the walls and ceiling to keep hot air out. Try sealing gaps with caulk or weather stripping tape.

3. The Air Is Just Not Cold Enough 

The most important tip we give our customers is to regularly check your air filter. When filters clog up with debris such as pet hair, dirt, and dust, the air conditioner is not able to work efficiently. Change your air filter regularly and you may find that your home stays cooler!

4. My Thermostat Is Not Working 

As the article suggests, air conditioner repairs are not always necessary. If your thermostat is not working properly, you may just need to switch out the batteries or buy a new one that is more compatible with your unit. There are plenty of programmable thermostats and smart thermostats on the market that can lower your energy bills and keep your home cool in Pennsylvania.

DIY Tips Not Helping, Now What

Air Conditioning Tips

If you are not feeling the results you expected after trying our 5 air conditioning tips to keep your home cool this summer, give us a call! Our team of experienced, highly knowledgeable HVAC technicians can determine all of the possible reasons why your home is not staying cool during the summer months. We will thoroughly check your air conditioning unit and provide you with an honest answer. After we determine the best solution for you, we will give you the best price in Bucks County for air conditioning repairs.

Want To Stay Cool This Summer? Call Bucks County Fuel! 

Whether you are in Bucks County or a nearby area, we will do everything we can to keep you and your family cool all summer long. Scheduling service with us is fast, simple & cost-effective! 


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