Summer Heating Oil Maintenance Tips In PA

Summer Heating Oil Maintenance Tips In PA

Summer Heating Oil Maintenance Tips

Do you perform regular maintenance on your heating oil tank? No worries, most people do not. This is typically not due to lack of care but primarily because most people are unaware of how to properly perform routine maintenance on their heating oil tanks. If you fall into this category, continue reading for summer heating oil tank maintenance tips you can utilize today. 

Your heating oil tank is made to last but will last longer with routine maintenance. Even more importantly, a few measures of care within your oil storage tank can help prevent costly heating oil repairs down the road.

Below we have listed some maintenance tips you & your family can tackle yourself this summer. For the more complex oil tank repairs, contact a heating oil specialist near you. 

Heating Oil Maintenance Tips

  • Check For Surface Damage: Take a look at your heating oil tank for obvious dents, oil stains, and any signs of settling or titling that can lead to issues later on. 
  • Check Heating Oil Tank Legs: If your oil tank is above ground, check its support legs to make sure there are no issues with stability. Your tank should be on a flat, stable surface. This can be a concrete pad or basement floor. If you find weakened support legs on your tank, give us a call immediately.
  • Keep Your Tank At Least Half Full: With the roasting hot temperatures we have in Pennsylvania, you will need to be aware that this is not good news for your heating oil tank’s interior - more so if it is empty. Moist air can cause condensation inside the tank, leading to buildup of water that can corrode your tank from the inside out. When your tank contains more fuel than air, condensation is less likely to build up, ultimately leading to a slow corrosion process. You can check out his oil tank conversion chart for more helpful tips on knowing how much heating oil your tank needs this summer. 
  • Keep Your Fill Pipe Clear: Be sure to keep your oil tank fill pipe completely accessible for heating oil deliveries. In most cases, customers leave the grass around their tank overgrown, which can cause issues for the delivery team. 
  • Get A Professional Inspection: If you are in the Bucks County area and would like one of our technicians to inspect your heating oil tank for you, just give us a call today!  
  • Schedule A Heating Oil Delivery: After doing your inspection, and possibly having a professional inspection done, schedule your heating oil delivery for your next oil fill up. We understand that you might not be using your heating oil currently, but check out these helpful tips on when the best time to purchase heating oil is. 

Why Choose Bucks County Fuel For Heating Oil Maintenance

A properly maintained heating oil storage tank could last two decades or more, so it pays to make the investment of time to keep it leak-free and working at its best.

If you come across any issues with your tank during the inspection process, give us a call or schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Searching for the best heating oil prices near you? Bucks County Fuel guarantees to offer all of our customers the best prices that we can!

We hope these tips on the summer heating oil maintenance tips in PA has been helpful. If there are any questions we may have not asnwered in this article, feel free to let us know! We love to provide as much helpful information that we can for our customers. We can even help you find the best heating oil prices near you!


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